3D Exterior Perspective View of a House Plan in Revit

The Process

  1. Send us your Schematic Design sketches
  2. A formal proposal is prepared based on the requisite level of detail
  3. Design Development drawings are produced
  4. Initial design review
  5. Design review comments are incorporated into a Construction Document set
  6. Final design review
  7. Publish final Construction Documents

*This is an outline of our basic process and it can be tailored to your workflow. It is highly recommended that all consultants (interior design, structural engineer, MEP engineers) review drawings during the design review phases.


  • Can I see examples of your work?
  • Of course! You can view an example of our drawings here.

  • What is your turnaround time?
  • We typically begin work within one week of receiving an executed agreement and allocate about 4-6 weeks for basic service. However, total production time is contingent on the scope of work and client responsiveness. We will always notify you of our current estimated timeframe when we produce our agreement.

  • What information do you need to produce a 3D model and drawing set?
  • At a minimum, we require scalable floor plans and elevation sketches in a schmatic design format. For medium or high detail models we may require additional sketches, CAD files, and/or manufacturer documentation illustrating architectural detailing, material selections, etc.

  • I need design help. Can you provide guidance and recommendations?
  • We're so glad you asked! While we are not a design service, our parent company Esposito Design is! If you need assistance with architectural design and detailing, please visit their website at www.espositodesign.net. Although we do not provide design services, we will notify you of any ambiguous details, conflicting geometry, etc. that we find. Any modifications that require an additional design review and modeling will be subject to hourly fees. We do not correct or review your architectural design or detailing for feasibility, durability (waterproofing, etc.), or aesthetic appeal. If you require that level of service, please contact Esposito Design.

  • Will I have access to the 3D model?
  • We are glad to release the 3D model for client discussions, design visualization, etc. We will publish the model to the 3D format of your choosing (.skp, .3ds, .fbx, etc.). However, we do not release Revit (.rfa) files.

  • Do you provide in-house training? Can you help us set up our own Revit workflow?
  • If you'd like to discuss hiring us to consult or collaborate in your office we would be glad to do so. Feel free to get in touch here.

  • What if I need revisions in the future?
  • It's easy—just get back in touch with us and we will provide a new proposal for the scope of revisions requested.

  • How do I know my files are secure?
  • We don't hire subcontractors. Anyone who performs work on your files is an employee of ThePlanLab. We maintain secure backups of all project files via Microsoft OneDrive. We are highly sensitive to intellectual property rights and design copyright and will never reuse or distribute your design work to others. Your designs will under no circumstances be resold or redistributed—you maintain the copyright as the author of the design.

  • What's the deal with professional liability?
  • As the design professional, you are responsible for complying with all jurisdictional and legal requirements (supervision of drafting/whether drafting may occur outside of your office, providing sufficient information for a complete drawing set, etc.). We are strictly a modeling and drafting service provider and are not liable for the performance of your designs. If the information furnished to us is insufficient, incorporation of that information will be quoted as a separate fee or be provided as an hourly service.

  • Do you offer printing of Construction Documents?
  • Due to the number and quality of printing services, we do not currently offer in-house printing. However, we are always listening to customer feedback. If you would prefer to have printing and delivery/shipping of your documents handled by us, please let us know so we can ensure our service is better tailored to your process!